Cub Programme

Cubs are with the group typically for three years and we aim to ensure that all cubs get the opportunity to cover a large range of activities whilst still having the opportunity of covering all of the key badges. Many of our cubs go up to the scout troop. The programme is split into three terms and are based at our home at Bancroft's school. In the summer term the cubs get one or more taster sessions at Fairlop where they get the chance to do level one paddling badges.
Autumn term
 Week#  Activity
1 Back to cubs, welcome to new cubs and cub forum
2 Investiture of new cubs. Team Player
3 Fire Safety Badge: Fireworks and Bonfire Safety
4 Fire Safety Badge: Fireworks and Bonfire Safety
5 Environmental Badge
Swimmers 3 Badge in the pool
 Half term
6 Remembrance Day practice
7 Fire station visit
8 Disability awareness
9 Blindfold relay. Sheepdog trials
10 Naturalist Badge - Observing the hedgerow in Autumn
Winter term
 Week#  Activity
2 Digital Maker Badge - Using Lego bricks teams build a shape hidden behind the table
3 Digital Maker Stage 1 Badge - Identify components of computer
4 Digital Maker Badge - Safety on line
5 Chinese New Year
 Half term
6 Water Safety
7 Scientist Badge
8 Scientist Badge
9 Scientist Badge
10 World Faith. Why we celebrate Easter
Summer term
 Week#  Activity
1 Pack Forum. Athletics Badge
2 New cub Investiture. Athletics Badge
3 Athletics Badge
5 Environmental Badge
Swimmers 3 Badge
 Half term
6 Pioneering
7 Lashing
8 Bell boating
9 Sailing at Fairlop
10 Pioneering