4th Epping Forest South (Bancroft's School) Sea Scouts

The 4th EFS Sea Scouts is hosted at Bancroft's school in Woodford, Essex and is part of the Epping Forest South District, which forms part of the Greater London North East County group. The troop also has Royal Navy Recognition status which allows us to participate in events at Royal Naval training facilities and means that we get support from the University of London Royal Navy Unit.

Sea scouts

Sea Scouts do all the activities associated with land Scouts, but also experience a wide range of water-based activities. In the Summer Term, scouts have the chance to get on the water at Fairlop Waters. Under the supervision of the leadership team they are taught sailing, kayaking, canoeing and rowing. Sometimes it can all get very wet! Activities in the winter centre around indoor and outdoor land based activities in the Autumn term and swimming pool in the Sprint term in preparation for the Summer term on water. Our Sea Scouts also make use of nearby Gilwell Park and enjoy a wide range of activities including: dinghy sailing, kayaking, canoeing, pulling (fixed seat rowing) and power boating.


The 4th Epping Forest Group was formed in 1909, one year after the founding of the Boy Scouts movement by Baden-Powell in 1908. It was initially formed as a land scout by a number of boys lucky enough to attend Baden Powel's second experimental camp for boys. In 1939 the group was changed to a sea scout group to enable them to make use of the then scout master's boat on the Norfolk broads and subsequently gained RN recognition as RN sea scouts group 05 in the late 1940's. There's more detail in our Group History page which we are slowly updating.