Online Scout Programme

Spring term 2021

Week 3 Cooking and healthy eating

Week 2 Investitures and bridge building

With rubber ducks for rubber duck day !

Week 1 Trapped ! Escape room

A collaborative semi-interactive escape room hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support:

Autumn term 2020

Week 12 - Virtual winter camp

Week 10 Science week

Week 9 Shadow and sock puppets

Week 8 Tin can cooking

Week 7 Egyptian escape room

Summer term 2020

Week 11 Crisis management

Week 10 Stop motion videos

Week 8 Battleships

Week 7 Virtual camp

Camp video

Pass the scout necker video

Recreate a Famous Work of Art - Week 5 Challenge

The art works have been displayed in a virtual online galler'I Am Art'  

Writing joint Limericks to celebrate National Limerick Day 12th May) - Week 4 Challenge

Turn your bathroom into a venue for a night out / day out - Week 3 Challenge

Scenes from our favorite films - Week 2 Challenge

Taskmaster Challenge Week 2 (Build a 3D model of Matthew, Mel or Stephen) Results

Daily Challenge Week 1 (Scout Laws) Results

Part 1 (Thursday 16th) - spell TRUSTED         Scout Law 1: A Scout is to be trusted

Part 2 (Friday 17th) - spell LOYAL                    Scout Law 2: A Scout is Loyal

Part 3 (Saturday 18th) - spell FRIENDLY         Scout Law 3: A Scout is friendly and considerate

Part 4 (Sunday 19th) - spell FAMILY                Scout Law 4: A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts

Week one of the scout law, spelling TRUSTED, LOYAL, FRIENDLY, FAMILY

Weekly Challenge Week 1 (St George and the Dragon) Results