Online Scout Programme - Scout Challenge Entries

Leader Board 

Week 11 Crisis management

Week 10 Stop motion videos

Week 8 Battleships

Week 7 Virtual camp

Camp video

Pass the scout necker video

Recreate a Famous Work of Art - Week 5 Challenge

The art works have been displayed in a virtual online galler'I Am Art'  

Writing joint Limericks to celebrate National Limerick Day 12th May) - Week 4 Challenge

Turn your bathroom into a venue for a night out / day out - Week 3 Challenge

Scenes from our favorite films - Week 2 Challenge

Tasmaster Challenge Week 2 (Build a 3D model of Matthew, Mel or Stephen) Results

Daily Challenge Week 1 (Scout Laws) Results

Part 1 (Thursday 16th) - spell TRUSTED         Scout Law 1: A Scout is to be trusted

Part 2 (Friday 17th) - spell LOYAL                    Scout Law 2: A Scout is Loyal

Part 3 (Saturday 18th) - spell FRIENDLY         Scout Law 3: A Scout is friendly and considerate

Part 4 (Sunday 19th) - spell FAMILY                Scout Law 4: A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts

Week one of the scout law, spelling TRUSTED, LOYAL, FRIENDLY, FAMILY

Weekly Challenge Week 1 (St George and the Dragon) Results

Safety and Security Rules

During the challenges we will not ask you to do anything dangerous, messy or naughty as part of the challenge, you will just require imagination, a phone to take and submit pictures or videos and maybe a bit of dressing up/acting. Please behave yourselves and do not do anything that is dangerous or silly that could result in someone getting hurt or something damaged.

Online security is very important. MS Teams and Kahoot will be closed communities and your leaders will be moderating them. All photos and videos taken as part of the challenges should only be uploaded to 'Teams' by Scouts and not anywhere else.
We are using teams as it is a closed group and is the system that you will be using for distance learning through Bancroft's. Please ensure that only Scouts or immediate family are present in any online session. This is to protect the safety of all our Scouts. We will be moderating all meetings and will remove anyone from the session that we believe is doing anything to impact the safety of all those online.
Many of the challenges involve Scouts taking photos and videos of themselves and their family and we may post these on our externally facing portals. Parents have already signed a permission form allowing us to do this with pictures of Scouts and by signing up to the online event we have taken this as permission to include all members of the family including siblings in this policy if they feature in the uploaded photos and videos. Our privacy policy remains unchanged.

If labelling your photos please only use your initials of yourselves, brothers or sisters.