Online Scouting Programme

We are broadcasting a live meeting every Thursday at 19:00hrs until further notice. During the live meeting you will see your leaders online for about 20-30 minutes and then we will set you a live challenge that you need to go away and complete and send us the results. At 20:30hrs we will all reconvene online for 15 minutes to review your pictures and videos.  Please wear your Scout shirt, necker and woggle for the Thursday meetings so we all feel 'Scouty'.

We will set daily (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and weekly challenges. Every time you enter a challenge you will earn 5 points. Get to 40 points and you will achieve one of the Creative Challenge Award elements. We will allocate points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These points will be tracked on a leader board and prizes given to the overall winners. 

Week Eight Challenge - No challenge this week

Household family members are encouraged to follow the live sessions and join in with all the challenges.

Leader Board 

Review all the challenges and pictures/videos here 

Technical Points

Download the MS Teams app to your mobile phone as this is going to be the best way to interact on Thursdays. You will also find it helpful to be able to run Teams from a computer or laptop as well, if available. Bancroft's will be providing support over the coming weeks to get all students up and running.
Also download the Kahoot app to your mobile phone so we can run live quizzes. When you download Kahoot you have the option of being a student or teacher - please make sure you sign up as a student.

Also subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you get notified of any uploads


Safety and Security Rules   
During the challenges we will not ask you to do anything dangerous, messy or naughty as part of the challenge, you will just require imagination, a phone to take and submit pictures or videos and maybe a bit of dressing up/acting. Please behave yourselves and do not do anything that is dangerous or silly that could result in someone getting hurt or something damaged.

Online security is very important. MS Teams and Kahoot will be closed communities and your leaders will be moderating them. All photos and videos taken as part of the challenges should only be uploaded to 'Teams' by Scouts and not anywhere else.
We are using teams as it is a closed group and is the system that you will be using for distance learning through Bancroft's. Please ensure that only Scouts or immediate family are present in any online session. This is to protect the safety of all our Scouts. We will be moderating all meetings and will remove anyone from the session that we believe is doing anything to impact the safety of all those online.
Many of the challenges involve Scouts taking photos and videos of themselves and their family and we may post these on our externally facing portals. Parents have already signed a permission form allowing us to do this with pictures of Scouts and by signing up to the online event we have taken this as permission to include all members of the family including siblings in this policy if they feature in the uploaded photos and videos. Our privacy policy remains unchanged.