Here are some of the materials that we use for our evening activities.

Please feel free to use for personal or non-profit use. Use its at your own risk and material is provided as is with no guarantees of success !

We will add further material here as we tidy up our google drive.






Used to teach the art of pioneering, the evening ends with firing a mixture of ping pong balls and bean bags across the hall, either trying to reach the farthest or place as many bean bags on the opponents' side as possible while they try to do the same.


A simple a-frame but with a plastic cup attached via three elastic bands. This is capable of firing bean bags, ping ping balls and even water bombs some distance.


Nautical skills


A key activity for sea scouts - if you don't want your boat coming unhitched from it's mooring and having to swim after it that is.

Grog's animated knots

Cardinal markers

How to learn all about cardinal markers and bouyage before going on the water. Land based markers, complete with LED lights that flash out the correct sequences.If you'd like to build your own LED circuits and want breadboard circuit diagrams, etc, please drop us an email.


Cooking and planning a meal

A template meal plan for cubs or scouts to think about and complete and an equipment list for the activity as part of a weekly session.

Meal plan template
Equipment list

World skills

World issues in the papers

Collect lots of free papers and used papers over a number of weeks so that each patrol has a stack of different papers, scissors, an A1 sheet to make a poster, pens and glue. Get each team to present back to the troop their poster once complete.

Video blogging

Make a video to send to other scout groups internationally introducing the group and what you do. Make sure it is interesting and invovles lots of participation and remember to think about safety as well.

Kick off the session with a video made by the leaders that tries to demonstrate all of the things to avoid in making the video - by making sure you make all of the mistakes.

Scout instructions
Script template