Save Fairlop Water Outdoor Activity Centre

Redbridge have said that they plan to close Fairlop Water Outdoor Activity Centre (

The recent tweet from the leader of Redbridge Council the centre will not close 'under his watch' needs clarity. There is more than one way to close a centre down, not funding it properly and not allowing it to open when every other similar centre has re-opened (which is what happened last summer) will do the trick. We need clarity from the council and an unequivocal commitment to maintaining these facilities.

The background to this decision and details of how to help fight this terrible action is now here

This centre has hosted us for over 20 years, since having to move from King George Reservoir and sell the majority of our boats. It is the absolute centre of our programme and the only way that we are able to run a Sea Scout Group from our land-locked location. The centre also hosts the 36th Epping Forest Sea Scouts and Ilford Sea Scout groups, other land Scouts, Explorers, Girl Guides and Ranger groups, church communities and many other youth groups.

Despite featuring centrally in the consultation video ( around the actual growth of the Fairlop Waters site, one of the core facilities at Fairlop Waters, uniquely able to provide the service that it does, is planned to close. This is direct contradiction to the recently approved Fairlop Waters Future development project which recognises specifically the importance of the site in developing the physical and mental well-being of young people.
With regard to that consultation itself, most users of the Sailing centre have been completely unaware during lockdown that there even was an engagement,  which seems to have been shared only with localised communities. Given the wide impact and scale of the site and that is funded from all over the borough, this makes the consultation quite unmeaningful.