Save Fairlop Waters Meeting

For the Zoom call on Tuesday 16th February 2021

If you do not have the Zoom details and wish to join the meeting, please email ''

Proposed agenda

1. Meeting Protocols (Matthew, Mel) 

2. Background to the creation of the group 

3. Statement from Cllr Jas Athwal, Labour leader of Redbridge Council

4. Introduction by other attending Councillors

Brief overview of how they can help us engage with Redbridge Council, Vision RCL and other community groups to support us in becoming an effective partner organisation

5. Brief Introduction to attending groups    

One person from each group attending to say a few words about their group

Immediate aims

6. Proposal to join forces as one organisation with a common “Fairlop Lake Users Association” identity - actual name to be confirmed

Overview from Keith Prince (London Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge) on the importance of pulling together

Points for discussion

Our immediate aim - Ensure centre opens as soon as the government says it is safe to do so and work with VisionRCL to help make that happen

Our long term aim - Are we aiming to become a formal group, a charity in its own right, working to improve Fairlop Waters in partnership with the Council or do we remain an informal grouping of organisations cooperating on a media campaign?

How do we take the work forward? We need people who are prepared/able to do things. Legal help. Setting up charity. Funding bids. Websites. Running social media. Reaching out to other user groups.

Reaching out to VisionRCL - with what aim in mind?

The Media

Medium / Longer Term Aims

7. Setting up as a charity?

8. Identifying other FOAC User Groups to join forces with

9. Linking in with AHDA and Barkingside 21?

10. Planning Engagement - How do we interact with it so we are not caught out again!

11. Fundraising?

Groups Involved

4th EFS Sea Scouts
36th EFS Sea Scouts
Other Epping Forest South Scout group reps
EFS Management, also representing Ilford District Scouting 
Ilford Sea Rangers
Home School Group
Fairlop Paddlesports

Fairlop Sailing Club
Fairlop Windsurfing Club
Fairlop Rowing Club