Important forms

All the important forms you need for camps and activities are uploaded to our forms site here: Forms


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How do I join?

4th EFS is linked to Bancrofts school. Scouts take two intakes each year; students can join as they enter the thirds (year 7) and sign up at the school activity fair; cubs from the group can move up to scouts in the March of each year.


Where can I buy uniform?

The easiest place to buy uniform is online at

Scouts need:

  • Sea Scout long sleeve shirt / blouse
  • Blue activity trousers
  • Sea scout hat(also referred to as a ‘lid’). We will provide this
  • Scout belt

Note that we provide all badges, including the district and group badges and RN scout badge when they are invested and as they earn the various activity badges. Uniform can be expensive. Please let us know if you need help sourcing uniform. We will at the end of this academic year try to run a simple second hand uniform sale.

When should I buy it?

New scouts or cubs joining typically wear their school uniform or cub uniform until we invest them:

  • at the start Autumn term for cubs that moved up in March (we don’t wear uniform in the summer term)
  • at the Autumn half term for 3rd years joining in September

When do scouts wear uniform?

We wear uniform for all Thursday evening meets and for events such as remembrance Sunday or if we are on a non-activity based outing

Where do badges go on the uniform?

See here: Badges


How do scout and cub OSM payments work?

We operate two direct debits via the Online Scout Manager system.

  • Termly subs are collected through a Subscriptions direct debit and payments are made in advance at the start of each term. This direct debit is eligible for gift aid and we encourage parents please to tick the gift aid box as this makes  a bigger contribution to the group. 4thEFS is a registered charity.
  • Paid activities are collected through a second ‘Camps and activities’ direct debit which is signed once when signing up to the first activity. When a scout is signed up to a paid activity, the payment is collected automatically once the sign up date has passed.

Can I cancel an external activity once I have signed up?

We always set a date by which we need final numbers for external events. You can sign up and typically withdraw your scout at any time before this date. After that, while we can remove a scout from an activity we will not be able to refund any deposit or other payments already made. The reason for this is that after this date we start to make payments to external venues etc which are non-refundable.

While we try to make the sign up date as close to the event as possible, some of the venues that we use have to be booked a year in advance. Summer camp literally starts planning the week following the previous one …

How do I contact leaders?

For scouts, the easiest way is to email During external events we provide telephone contact numbers for use in emergency.

For cubs, the easiest way is to email

Can I volunteer?

Yes you can ! There are many ways in which you can help, depending on the time you have available, from being a leader, an occasional helper and in supporting the group through helping to look after our equipment, accounts, admin, even this web site. Just drop us an email or better yet grab one of us at the start of end of a weekday session on a Wednesday for cubs or Thursday for scouts.

At the end of the summer term we ran a parents’ taster session – come have a go !