This is the working space for Scouts who joined the troop in March and September 2019.

Challenge Awards are hexagonal badges worn on the front of the Scout shirt and there are 9 of them that must be earned. As their name suggests they are much harder to earn as they consist of a large number of different elements and so usually take a while to finish. We don’t usually expect our Scouts to finish earning most of them until their third year with us. 
Even though you have only been with us for a few months you will already have made quite a lot of progress towards some of these Awards as our Thursday evening programme is based around the Gold Award requirement. We have a detailed plan that sets out how we plan to get all Scouts through the Awards over their three years with us which you can read on this website if you are interested (see link at bottom of the page).

Broadly speaking the Challenge Award requirements break down as follows:

  • about 70% of the requirements will be covered during our Thursday meetings
  • about 10% of the requirements are things the Scouts need to do in their own time
  • about 20% of the requirements are things that have to be done within the Scouting environment but cannot be covered on Thursdays – such as Summer Camps and the Expedition.

Given all the extra spare time you are going to have over the next few weeks there is an ideal opportunity for you to make a massive dent in the 10% that falls to you to manage. Over the first few online meetings we will focus on the different awards and encourage Scouts to complete the relevant elements. We have created a new email address  for you to submit your evidence.

After each Thursday meeting we will send out an email covering the Gold Award elements we focussed on that week and a reminder video will be available on this site on our Badges page.  However, if you want to get a head start you can take a look at all the self completion elements here. You can ask your parents to check your record on Online Scout Manager (OSM) to see what elements of the award you still have outstanding if you are not sure. 

Any adventurous activity undertaken since joining Scouts will count for this. You do not need to do the ‘research and development’ elements listed if you prefer not to. Just doing an adventurous activity also ticks off one element of the award. The ‘development’ element will be covered by attending the Summer term at Fairlop Waters and the ‘research’ element can be done as part of the Fairlop water activities – see link below. 

(Anything done since joining Scouts will count for this)

Our time at Fairlop Waters over the Summer ticks off a huge part of the Adventurous Activities badge but we still need you to do a little bit of research of your own to back this up.  Please find below the instructions and report. It should take about an hour to do and you will need Internet access.